The Entity (1981) — Barbara Hershey

Sexy Hollywood legend Barbara plays the victim of a ghost rapist in this shocking horror film based on a true story.

Nobody believes Barbara when she claims she is being repeatedly sexually assaulted by a ghost possessing her house. But then her boyfriend walks into her bedroom while Barbara is lying flat on her back, totally naked, spread-eagled and seemingly unable to move. She repeatedly says through gritted teeth “Help me!” but it takes him a few seconds to realise what is going on. There are close-up shots of Barbara’s breasts being fondled and squeezed by invisible hands as her tits appear to move and be mis-shapen on their own.

When he works out she is being raped by an invisible demon, the boyfriend tries to fight him off but the demon causes the boyfriend to fly back through the air and crash into the wall as soon as he gets near the bed.

The boyfriend grabs a chair and tries to whack the paranormal assailant off her, but Barbara’s son enters at that point and thinks the boyfriend is attacking his mum, so he beats him up while the ghost continues to assault poor Barbara.

The Entity - Barbara Hershey rape scene