The Accused (1988) — Jodie Foster

One of cinema’s most famous forced sex scenes came way back in 1988 in a movie which confronted Hollywood’s taboo subject head on — rape.

Jodie Foster turned in an Oscar winning performance as the slutty girl raped on a pinball machine by a group of drunk men in a sleazy bar. Dancing provocatively, wearing a skimpy outfit and flirting with one of the guys was naive, but certainly no excuse for what happened next as one of them started kissing her and backed her up against the pinball machine, cheered on by his mates.

Sensing things were getting out of hand, Jodie attempted to pull away but he lifted her up and onto the table, which forced her short skirt up her thighs exposing her panties. As he carried on kissing her relentlessly and groping her breasts, her shirt strap slipped down her shoulder revealing one of her small breasts as she desperately tried to get up.

But her horny assailant was in no mood to stop and, egged on by his friends who were now holding her down, he pulled off her underwear, tore at her top and started to fuck her right there in the bar. Most of the witnesses were enjoying the sexual assault and one guy even began to organise who would be next as the first rapist finished and was immediately replaced by another.

Poor Jodie’s gang-rape ordeal lasted a long time as nobody helped her, until she finally kicked her way free and ran screaming, half-naked out of the bar.

The Accused - Jodie Foster rape scene