Jaded (1996) — Carla Gugino

Busty teenager Carla Gugino is having a wild time with a couple of girls she’s just met at the beach. Very drunk, they decide to go for a skinny dip and as the friends frolic naked in the sea nothing seems amiss.

But when Carla gets back on shore and collapses laughing onto the sand, things turn sinister as one of the girls gets on top of her and tries to kiss her. The other girl holds Carla down when she protests and soon enough Carla is molested and groped by the two girls before they force her to drink more alcohol.

By now scared and confused, Carla is vaginally raped with a bottle as the two lesbians beat and abuse her sexy body. Her big breasts swing and bounce as she tries to fight them off but her assailants are too strong for her and they have their fun with her curvy body before leaving her unconscious and nude in the sand where she is found at first light by a passer by.

After the lesbian rape the scene cuts to Carla sitting traumatised in a shower, giving us an excellent view of her huge natural tits as she tries to come to terms with her sexual assault.