Grave Vengeance (2000) — Cindy Pena

Busty Cindy and her husband head off to the woods for a camping excursion. There they fall foul of a gang of rednecks who decide they like the look of sexy Cindy.

So they trail the couple through the woods and attack them. Hubby is beaten and held down while the rest of the gang tear off Cindy’s top and grope her huge tits, causing them to fall out of her bra.

Then they bend her over a log as she screams for help and roughly gang rape her from behind, fucking her pussy and ass as she cries and her husband lies beaten and helpless on the floor. Then they leave her in her underwear as they stroll off laughing. Fear not though, for she has her revenge on her attackers later in the movie…

Grave Vengeance - Cindy Pena rape scene