Death Wish III (1985) — Marina Sirtis

Sexy Marina is kidnapped and raped by a lowlife gang in this infamous and brutal rape scene.

As she approaches her car in a poorly lit parking lot, the busty actress is jumped by four thugs. Two of them hold her arms while another rips open her shirt and tears off her bra, exposing her big breasts and squeezing her tits. An elderly couple witness the incident and approach them to try and stop the assault but they’re easily chased away by the hoodlums.

Marina is carried half naked to the gang’s car, dumped in the back and driven to their hideaway. When they arrive she’s lifted out kicking and screaming, her exposed boobs wobbling and bouncing, and roughly thrown onto a filthy mattress lying on the floor. The rest of her clothes are ripped from her struggling body before one of the gangsters positions himself between her legs and starts to brutally fuck her. She cries out in pain and defeat and lies motionless as they gang-rape her one by one, using her nude body as their fuck toy.

Death Wish III - Marina Sirtis rape scene