Death Wish 2 (1982) — Silvana Gallardo

Director Michael Winner’s follow-up to his hit vigilante movie Death Wish (1974) contained more of the same sensationalist content that made the original so successful — namely sexual violence. In an era where rape was even more taboo than it is now, people flocked to the theater upon hearing that hot Latin babe Silvana Gallardo played a maid who gets repeatedly gang-raped by scumbag thugs in a degrading assault that again set Charles Bronson into revenge mode.

The scene in question is lengthy and disturbing. The rapists bend her over a sofa and threaten her with a knife before gagging her and then literally fight amongst themselves over who would force fuck her first. One of them eventually lifts up her skirt and rips off her panties as she whimpers before brutally fucking her doggy style, cheered on by his laughing friends including a very young pre-fame Laurence Fishburne.

She is then carried to a bedroom and dumped on the bed whereupon the rest of her clothes are ripped off leaving her humiliated and exposed. Two more men rape her nude body, kissing her lips and fondling her big breasts while Fishburne playfully whips her with his belt.

Finally the leader enters the room and the naked, defeated lady is forced to give him a blowjob — the final act in her degrading sexual ordeal.

Death Wish 2 - Silvana Gallardo rape scene