Katie Tippel (1975) — Monique van de Ven

This Dutch movie features lots of sex — much of it rough — which is perhaps not all that surprising when you consider it was an early Paul Verhoeven movie. Yes, he of Basic Instinct, Hollow Man and Flesh + Blood.

The star is pretty blonde Monique, who gets into all manner of scrapes. In this scene she has unwittingly aroused the passion of an older gent who chases her around his living room, intent on deflowering her. He grabs her leg and topples her to the floor and she crawls under a table to try and get away.

He pounces on her, pulling off her clothing and yanking down her underwear before mounting her from behind and raping her sweet ass.

Katie Tippel - Monique van de Ven rape scene

Amazons (1986) — Penelope Reed

When a group of horny baddies attack Penelope and her fellow Amazonians, things look bleak for the pretty ladies. They are wrestled to the ground and their loin cloths are stripped off leaving them topless. Worse still for Penelope, she has been knocked unconscious and can’t even fight back as her attacker gropes her bare breasts and sets about getting his dick out with a sneer and a glint in his eye.

Penelope’s mate is making a fight of it though and successfully defends her honor, but Penelope is raped before out of nowhere a panther comes along and attacks the rapist, hauling him off her.

The men don’t fancy taking on a panther and so run off, leaving a violated and distraught Penelope to cover up and head back to the safety of their camp.

Amazons - Penelope Reed rape scene

Manhattan Gigolo (1986) — Andrea Thompson

Former NYPD Blue star Andrea Thompson bares all in this poor, low budget movie about the change in a sexy New Yorker’s life when she falls in with an Italian crowd.

This scene sees Andrea raped by two Italian guys in a deserted backstreet while a kinky woman watches from afar sat in her car, getting off on seeing Andrea struggle and forced to fuck by her two assailants.

First they strip off her shirt and then lay her flat on a table, pawing at her breasts as she screams and tries to fight them off. Then one lifts her skirt and pulls down her underwear, positioning himself between her legs and fucking her while the other guy busies himself kissing and groping Andrea’s big breasts.

They scummy rapists switch places as the pervy woman watching the assault licks her lips as Andrea struggles in vain as her pussy and tits are violated.

Manhattan Gigolo - Andrea Thompson rape scene

Jock Petersen (1974) — Wendy Hughes

After her affair with Jock Petersen turns sour, Wendy finds out how vindictive he can be in this Australian drama.

An angry Jock bursts into her office one day and without saying a word knocks her to the ground. Then he tears at her clothes, ripping open her shirt and freeing her breasts from her bra as she tries to fight him off, confused and scared as to why he’s acting so demented.

Jock is unrelenting and rips off her panties allowing us viewers to see her hairy bush before he whips his dick out and fucks her right there on her office floor in a frenzied attack full of hatred for poor Wendy.

Jock Petersen - Wendy Hughes rape scene

Club Vampire (1997) — Starr Andreeff

The wonderfully named Star Andreef stars in this low budget horror as a sexy stripper.

In this scene a couple of hoodlums break into the strip joint after closing and discover Starr there alone. They were merely intending to rob the joint, but the fat bald one decides he wants a piece of Starr’s sexy ass, so he wrestles her to the ground and pulls down her pants and underwear.

His accomplice tells him they don’t have time for this shit, but baldy won’t be denied and eventually gets his dick into Starr as she tries valiantly to fight him off. After pumping into her a few times she reaches up and grabs his balls, causing him to stop fucking her and run off, leaving traumatised Starr to pull herself together and put her clothes back on.

Club Vampire - Starr Andreeff rape scene